Chris Hemsworth you are invited to view the premiere of Thor: Love & Thunder


The famous actor Chris Hemsworth who gives life to the endearing God of Thunder, joins the “All In Challenge” with a special invitation to the premier of “Thor: Love & Thunder”.

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The handsome actor surprised all her fans with an invitation that you cannot skip, which is nothing more and nothing less than to go to the premier of his much-awaited and as far as we know the last of his films with Marvel about “Thor: Love & Thunder”, all thanks to who has joined the All In Challenge.

You might wonder that this new challenge, as we explain. This was the latest joint initiative that Hollywood actors, celebrities and elite athletes are being held to raise funds against the pandemic. What have been called “All In Challenge” and, following the example of other challenges viral, more and more people decide to encouraged to help for a good cause.

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The idea is that celebrities made available to their fans the possibility of living a unique experience with them, or acquire a personal item of great sentimental value. But, in addition, the game has one major rule, each celebrity must nominate other celebrities to join the initiative.
That said, Hemsworth accepted the challenge of his friend Chris Pratt to join, for his part, our dear Thor will auction off a pass double to the premier of the Movie Universe of Marvel, to enjoy his new film.

And it was through a video posted inside of your Instagram official, the australian announced to his fans americans that can already begin to participate in that auction.

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As a further detail, we inform you that Chris Hemsworth is the second in the list within Marvel that has joined the challenge viral, as the first within this universe of films, was his friend and coworker, Chris Evans, who for his part provided a night of video games, virtual with the Avengers for those who make their donations.

We have to highlight that to be able to participate for the more than great to pass a double, it is only necessary to give a donation to the foundation In an All In Challenge, which can be from 10 to 100 dollars, depending on of course how many tickets you want for the raffle, obviously the more tickets you buy, the more chances of winning.

The prize is as stated in going to the premier of his film, the entrance to the red carpet, also includes in going to the after party and stay two nights in the city where will take place the premiere of the new film of Marvel. It is great isn’t it?, if you decide to participate I wish you much luck.