Combine in pairs: look at the best outfits of Nick Jonas and his wife Priyanka Chopra


The marriage of singer Nick Jonas and actress Priyanka Chopra is one of the most sweet and dear by the fans. Did you know that even combined at the time of attending an event or simply go for a walk? Look at the best photos!

Priyanka Chopra, 37 years old, and Nick Jonasof 27, make up one of the couples most beloved in the world of Hollywood. It was a courtship is fleeting and a double wedding with thousands of guests, religious customs, and dresses very quirky.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra on their wedding hindu style.

“Several friends tell me that we should know each other”, that was the first phrase used by the singer; let us remember that both were already famous, and they met through the social networks.

After six messages to communicate via the web, they met at a party in the 2017 and sources close to the couple say that it was a crush at first sight. Weeks after they appeared together at the Gala of the Met. “We were both wearing Ralph Lauren, and we decided to go together because it was fun”said Priyanka.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, in their first public appearance together.

From that moment, was born a beautiful and original love story, which was made in several presentations together on red carpets combining their looks. Even if you only meant to wander the streets americans.

These are some of the great outfits of the singer and the actress of India: on the one hand, he is modeling a t-shirt in brown, with a red pants and shoes to tone, and she, accompanying it with a white t shirt and a suit jacket is also brown. What is not gentle combining?

Also, in an output with Joe Jonas, beautiful Nick, and his current wife Sophie Turner: Chopra wore a divine dress purple with sleeves, bulging and former actor Disney chose t-shirt, trousers and black shoes, with a capped blue above. What I like most?