Comes to light the video of the shootout between 6ix9ine and Casanova


If there is someone that is putting upside down the whole north american scene with his judgment, that is 6ix9ine. Rare is the day that we rise up with a notice of the same, and is that have gone from the order to kill Chief Keef to ensure that Cardi B is the Bloods. This time what comes to us is the video of the “shootout” with Casanova and all your gangthat we hear in the words of Tekashi on the second day of trial.

“Oh, quiet everyone!”

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It all happened on the 21st of April of last year when after the fight of Adrien Broner and Jessi Vargas, 69 pretty nervous next to yours is found in one of the hallways of the Barclays Center with Cas and his team. It is there when you start the brawl with the security -10 times smaller than any of both sides – through, and when it seems that everything is going to end up in pitched battle, someone from the team Tekashi shoots into the air causing that several rivals are thrown to the ground while the others ran.

Then appear several agents of the police of New York that prevent re-enzarzar. It is after when we see how the ‘Billy’ as he explains to the officers what happened, quite exalted, as if he were apologizing. Attitude that changes completely in the second extract of the video where we see him bragging about the shooting, as if it were the tomato and laughing at everything that makes her a companion to Eclipse.

Where do you go? (…) Your entire squad is knocked down to the floor. All the world heard the shot I BO BO BOOM!!! The shit out of the TreyWay

Let us remember that these two had a good relationship, both were part of the same band and even came to collaborate with 50 Cent on the theme of ‘Get The Strap’. It was in the recording of this video clip in which both rappers were attacked.

Without doubt these are the kind of things you don’t want that come to light when you are in the trial, although we have already seen all of the good 6ix9ine. What more we are going to surprise the guy’s hair color? Let’s hope they keep making so enjoyable to return to class.

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