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The pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) has made millions of people in the world live in social isolation to avoid being infected, and celebrities have not been the exception in this confinement.

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In addition, this quarantine has allowed some famous show the natural from the comfort of your home, where the live broadcasts and the messages of reflection have been the main dish in your social networks. His followers have not been oblivious to these publications, and have praised his appearance.

For example, the singer Thalia has been in charge of entertaining his followers with his videos of Tik Tok and its challenges viral. The mexican 48 years not afraid to show up without makeup and even provides exercise routines to stay in shape.

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Shakira not far behind and recently became viral when you share a photo on which she is drying her hair while it was in a video call with Sony Music.

“Doing multiple tasks at the same time, of meeting with the CEO of Sony Music Latin, while I dedicate time to self-care”, wrote the colombian singer as a description of the snapshot.

Singer Selena Gomez also addressed her followers on Instagram with encouraging messages to the response to the pandemic of the coronavirus. The singer of “Boyfriend” made a list of movies and books of your preference for that your fans to get distracted from home.

“I shared a list of things that I’m seeing, hearing and reading to keep me positive and help pass the time. I hope it helps”, escribó the former spouse of Justin Bieber on their social network.

The style of Thalia, the reggaetonera Natti Natasha entertain your audience with your videos Tik Tok, where he demonstrated great talent for acting and dancing.

In addition, the artist of the Dominican Republic is not afraid to show the natural in times of quarantine and recently shared a picture without any drop of makeup. “No makeup on”, expressed in a publication.

Finally, singer Katy Perry has been very active in social networks since he announced that was to become a mother for the first timethe fruit of their relationship with the actor Orlando Bloom.

The singer of “Roar” took advantage of this social isolation to dress up as their favourite characters as part of the special editions that has had the program “American Idol,” and that Perry goes from home.


What do the names in their social isolation?

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