Demi Lovato announces ‘I love me’ (and it seems all a statement of intentions) | Music

“I could not keep it a secret any longer!! My new single #ILoveMe will be out on Friday ??”. With these words and the photo of the cover, Demi Lovato announced that it will be the first single from their seventh album, the first after suffering a major overdose in 2018.

We already knew that he had the intention of returning to music. After recovering during this time he gave his first step to this back when she decided to change manager, and sign Scooter Braun. Already then they knew that things were going to change, and it seems that it is serving.

Demi, she has focused her life and has made a strong commitment for this round. The saw brand new, with evident emotion, the theme Anyone in the latest installment of Grammy. A song composed days before the overdose and that was interpreted by many as a cry for help.

After the we saw to interpret the hymn of the united States in the Super Bowl and, now, it seems that it is prepared to launch a new topic: I love me. The title looks like a statement of intent. It seems that the artist wants and that’s what it shows in the latest pictures you are sharing.

Self-acceptance seems to have become a good therapy and that has allowed us to see her posting photos in a bikini without any kind of editing or without makeup.

But the process is slow and its problems many. The comes dragging from many years ago. “I’m tired of running away from myself with constant workouts and extreme diets… I thought that I was recovering from my eating disorder and, in contrast, was falling completely in another”, he pointed out in the podcast Ashley Graham.

What is important is that is on the path to recovery and has just announced a new single for this march 6th. “Síiiiiii!! I can’t wait girl ??”, assured the actress and friend of the singer, Eiza Gonzalez.