Demi lovato has the boyfriend more hot of your history loving


Without a doubt, “Stuck with you”, has become the anthem of the quarantine, zero surprises us if it is a collaboration between two popstars most successful ever: Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. In this video, participated Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich, her new boyfriend, omg!

From Wilmer Valderrama, we have not seen Demi Lovato to have a stable relationship, if the romance of a few months that she has even confirmed it in their social networks, but nothing more, although this last confirmation seems very serious, because the lead singer decided to stay in the musical story of a super-hit, frozen, her romance with the also singer and actor, with which in addition, is passing through the quarantine.

Apparently Demi and Max are together since March, as a live that he was doing with her fans, Demi appeared accidentally.

It note a thousand kilometers that are enamoradísimos and passing of the best in this running of the bulls but also has left us in shock is how handsome he is Max Ehrich, without a doubt, is the groom more hot that has had Demi. (Sorry, Joe Jonas)

In addition is super talented, has estaddo several times nominated for the Emmy, and he sings super nice, plays piano and guitar.

Now we want to sing “Stuck with you” together, omg! Can you imagine?