Demi Lovato shows off to her boyfriend, and all fall prostrate before him

United States.- One of the singles which has become a success during this quarantine is Stuck with you Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

However, a cameo of a celebrity with his boyfriend it was what stopped the social networks.

It is Demi Lovato who made public his relationship with Max Ehrich in the video of the single from the singers.

In the decision appear to them in a room lighted with a lamp of stars and are very in love dancing to the rhythm of the melody.

Happy to be a part of something so special at this time, wrote the actress also accompanied by a cameo.

Since his break with Wilmer Valderrama and their various falls in the addictions, Demi Lovato he had not been so full as now.

It appears that the couple has been leaving since march, as after a live I Max from his Instagram, the interpreter of Love to Me came by accident in the transmission.

But something that really captured the attention of users was the beauty of the actor, because according to the internet is the boyfriend more handsome that has had Lovato in your history-loving.