Depart Emma Watson! Anna Kendrick is the new feminist Hollywood… (+ Photos)


Anna Kendrick

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

It is increasingly the young actresses that add to this movement…

Anna Kendrick knows of success.

But the actress takes nothing for granted, especially because he fought for triumph. “As an actress you’re perpetually unemployed”, says the star Pitch Perfect 2 that figure on the cover of the June issue of the magazine Glamour. “That fear, when you have two parents who worked in offices and went through periods of unemployment, it is real.

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“Those were not good moments of my childhood,” he adds.

“Working 14 hours a day is not sustainable, but I prefer to do not have films. Well I can be doing what I want during my whole life,” he explained.

And to be nominated for an Oscar for Up in The Air, and have acted in two major franchises such as Twilight and Pitch Perfect with just 29 years is no small thing.

“I feel different to the 29 because for me, 29 is 30”, says Kendrick who is turning 30 years old on the 9th of August. “There are times that I feel like a girl in a body of a teenager. But other times I can’t wait to be 30 years old to be able to say things like: ‘I’m 30 years old and I don’t have time for that, go to the devil.'”

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We adore Anna for those comments.

“In high school I didn’t feel that was extraordinary for my notes or my appearance. I knew I could say a joke so I leaned towards that. Had the idea of refusal to others would succeed to make me feel uncomfortable. That grew with me into adulthood. I’m not saying that is healthy. It is a defense mechanism, but it’s useful for me,” he said.

The vibe of Kendrick has captivated millions of fans, but even so, the star admits that even he cannot pick and choose his roles, and that many times you must wait for someone to tell him if it will have an important role or not. “All the films nominated for Best Film this year had male protagonists. So I’m glad there are more debates on equality now,” he said.

You have reason. All the films of this year unless Selma (The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, American Sniper, the Budapest Hotel Whiplash and Boyhood) dealt with the life of a man.

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“There is a film in which I am considering now act where I should expect to hire all male roles tend to before I can become a part of the conversation. Part of me understands, but another part says: ‘what the fuck? Do you have that the hiring of women in function of the actors that sign?’. For me the only explanation is that there are too many girls talented and that it is easier to find women that fit men. I firmly believe that there are 10 girls are amazing and talented for every male role”.

But there is only one Anna Kendrick…

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