Did Adele and Sam Smith are one in the same? Internet users launched crazy theory of the singers


London, England.- Currently the singer Adele he has been giving a lot to talk about, because it is rumored that in the near future would be by releasing a new music material, in addition to which he has been seen with a considerable reduction of weight that he has been seen in these last days.

But with this, they also come criticism and even weird news like the following, as in internetthousands of users have created the conspiracy theory which ensures that the artists, Adele and Sam Smith they are the same person.

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Although it may sound as something completely far-fetched, some users of social networks consider that it is not, therefore, ensure that you never have seen the two celebrated together in some event, the two come from England and that when one opens his music the other disappears from the radar.

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All of this was born after a person made a curious experiment, in the, placed the song Hellobut with a tone very low, resulting in a voice very identical to that of Smith.

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time the fans the two singers have been more vigilant, expecting that at some point declare, say something or who knows maybe and confirm the alleged theory.

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