Discover the unique collection of Angelina Jolie you did not know


Jolie has always had a presence, a somewhat extroverted, but this collection, which takes a few years, it has been the icing on the cake.

Angelina Jolie it has always been attached to the leading role that have an original feature, as well as what is the star of 44 years old.

Such is the case of “Tom Raider”, “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”, “Salt” and since then “Maleficent”. All movies that have exploited the side of the actress that tends to highlight in his life.

But Jolie it is an inveterate lover of the weapons and this has led him to have a small collection of knives since some years ago.

This hobby developed Angelina then d to attend in his childhood to a medieval fair with his mother Marcheline Bertrand. The small Angelina was dazzle with these weapons and noted: “there I saw a lot of knives and I loved it”.

The collection of the “ambassador of goodwill” the Agency of the UN for Refugees (ANCUR), is composed of historic artifacts and ancient, from many cultures and nothing new.