Do you have No shame? Natalia Barulich: it Is the center of criticism by don Mock a work of art!


Due to the required isolation that happens in many countries because of the coronavirus, celebrities seem to find a way to keep interaction with their fans, but what he did Natalia Barulich exceeded the limit.

The model published in his personal account of Instagram a photograph that shocked all of her followers who were quick to react, leaving thousands of “likes”.

In the image, the ex-Maluma appears standing on the rocks, wrapped with a silk that makes you see much of your figure and highlights your curves, but what caused controversy was the title you chose for the postcard.

“The Birth of Venus” or “The birth of Venus”, was the name that you chose to put your snapshot the cuban, referring to the illustrious box of Sandro Botticelli.

Many of his followers have criticized, and that is that Natalia from a while ago comes to creating controversy in the network after it has been added to the “Anuel Challenge”, in which you have to assemble a range of several hundred dollars and bragging what one leads to an exit to spend.

The born in Croatia comes from a family full of fortunes, which she has ensured increasing thanks to his work as a model of major brands.

Natalia Barulich he confessed that he was glad not to have to spend it alone these days, but clarified that this is not a man, but his dog, who ensures that he has shown more love, companionship and loyalty than any human.