Do you understand the reference? Spider-Man faced a villain using a lightsaber


Despite the fact that now Marvel and Star Wars are owned by Disney, it is very common to be able to listen to references of the saga galactic in several films in the MCU. But there was a time where this was not so, and that did not prevent him from being seen how to Spider-Man used a lightsaber against a powerful villain.

At the end of the decade of the ‘ 70s, ‘Star Wars’ was at its height and long before the acquisition of Disney, Marvel decided to do a small parody of the saga and made to look like Spider-Man used a lightsaber against a villain and who else against the evil Doctor Doom.

This happened in the comics ‘Spidey Super Stories’ an educational series child developed by The Electric Company. The comic featured Spider-Man in different stories much more cheerful where you saw him work in a team, to fight against supervillanos and sometimes making parodies of other franchises.

It was not until that came out ‘Spidey Super Stories’ # 31that Peter Parker teamed up with Sam the Robot from the famous series children ‘Sesame Street’ and with Marvel Boy, to rescue Moondragon from the space ship “Death Star” of Doctor Doom. But again, the villain stops to Spider-Man and it is there where the two have a duel with lightsabers, making reference to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Do you understand the reference? Spider-Man faced a villain using a lightsaber spider-man-use-a-lightsaber-against-a-villain-2-600x360

Source: Marvel Comics

For obvious reasons, is series could not be taken for anything seriously, nor is it canon now that in the same world were combined characters of Marvel Comics, with the ‘Sesame Street’. But it could be that at some point the MCU may be based on this to make some kind of mention or cameo of this event, with Tom Holland, to the end that Disney owns both franchises and in its next phases will explore the multiverse of Marvel.