Drake reveals what their five rappers favorite of the story


This period of quarantine is giving you much free time at all, and a good portion of the artists have decided to use it to interact more with their fans through their social networks, and let you know a little more about their tastes and their history. The last to reveal a curious fact in regard to preferences, has been Drake, who made a public comment saying what your five rappers favorite of all the times.

Young Tony posted a picture a couple of days in your account Instagramand Drake -despite the fact that no one asked for it – used the publication to let the world know your top is historic to hip hop.

Drake released its list of five rappers. What is yours?

As you can see, the top 5 Drake what up Biggie, JAY-Z, Lil Wayne, Young Tony and Andre 3000.

Beyond opinions, the rapper from Toronto can be considered a lucky above all things, and is that has had the opportunity to work with four of the names you mentioned at some point in your career, being Notorious B. I. G. the single which is out for obvious reasons.

Now, go ahead, let’s open the debate: do You agree with the opinion of Drake? If not so, who is left in that list? and what name is missing? Tell us everything that you can think about it.

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