Five reasons to love Justin Bieber


It is complicated… and a lot! But anyone deserves a second chance. In a rebirth in the media (and music) that no one expected, the young man with more talent and pasta in the world (amount in your bank account 285 million euros) just to give (and give) a lesson: the silly heals. And vanity also. So he sings at least in the 17 songs of ‘Changes’, his latest album. Once more, after the storm comes the calm.

Represented for years the perfect face to launch a good tartazo: rich, silly, snotty, and rude; but the boy has changed. The Justin Bieber 2020, who just turned 26 winters, little (if not nothing) has to do with that pubescent superb boxer shorts descocados, farras endless and fights addictive that left Dani Mateo with the word in the mouth (the server also would have done). Your miracle has a name and a surname. itHailey Baldwin! His current wife, a great support and adviser, has managed the impossible: to get him out of a deep depression, to inject meaning to a life that is more lost than Pocholo and, most importantly, to revive that creative ability who became number one in the world with only 15 years. Here are five reasons to love today more than ever Justin Bieber:

1. Will generate greater or lesser sympathy, it will be more guaperas or less, but the intellectual capacity of the kid is undeniable. Can solve a Rubik’s cube, eye to the data, in less than two minutes. And Mariah Careythat silly not to have a hair (on the contrary), has always said that Justin is the artist “smarter” with which he has worked.

2. As true as your single Baby, which launched him to stardom, has over two billion views on YouTube, is that he once arrived late to a concert in Salt Lake City (Utah) because he was visiting a girl of seven years who was sick with cancer in the hospital. You already know: tough guy, tattos malotes, but huge heart.

3. In 2008, the well-known music executive Scooter Braun he was discovered on YouTube, where Justin hung their videos, imitating their favorite artists. But by then he himself had already learned to play the guitar, the trumpet, the drums and the piano. A true self-taught master’s degree just a year after released his first album, My world. And also a distinctive hair cut that would change forever the fashion for men. It’s impossible to forget the source of the bangs bieber!

4. How three drops of water? No, but almost. A salseo that has always circulated on the Internet and that until a few months ago not confirmed by the singer himself is that reality has a certain distant kinship with Ryan Gosling and with the artist Avril Lavigne. In a post posted on Instagram not hesitate to photograph the outline of your family tree that showed the family ties that bind both to the actor handle as the interpreter of Complicated. And it is not a joke!

5. An end to a four-year retreat. At fifteen he released his first work, the beginning surely of a career full of successes and scandals that eventually terminate in 2016 tour Purpose. Now, four years later, step on of new scenarios with Changeshis last disc. And also the screens of half the world with a documentary series on YouTube, Seasons, in which you intend to spill everything. Even the hell of their addictions. Their particular Pain and gloryas a sign Pedro Almodóvarbut at just 26 years of life.