Grammy-2020: Aerosmith touch with Run DMC and dedicates a message to Lizzo


Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

As in his best years Aerosmith dazzled all and sundry in a new gala Grammy. And not only that, in the middle of the presentation, Steven Tyler, lead singer of the band, showed his admiration for Lizzothe artist who was one of the protagonists of this edition.

The band kicked off its show with the theme “Living On The Edge”. Everything was going as expected at the Staples Center in Los Angeles until Tyler jumped off the stage and on their way down the aisle, stopped to embrace Lizzo.

“Lizzo, I love you shit,” snapped the musician of 71 years, which caused euphoria in the attendees and the excitement of the young artist. The words of Tyler were censored on the transmission by television; however, other recordings then showed the contents of the message.

After that, Aerosmith performed their classic song “Walk this Way”. He did well in the company of a grouping friend. Run DMC are joined to the rockers of Massachusetts and offered together a fresh hit of the seventies.

Merit to a career of successes

Aerosmith received the recognition as Person of the Year MusiCares for his musical career and his actions in support of social causes. They were so deserving of this award that they received some other great musicians such as Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty.

Czech then the presentation of Aerosmith in the Grammy 2020.