Halle Berry kisses Lena Waithe in the show of Jimmy Kimmel


The model and actress of film and television, Halle Berry, it’s causing a stir on the internet after that, without fear of what people will say, kiss him passionately to the guest hosts Lena Waithe in the show of Jimmy Kimmel on the night of Wednesday.

The actress, 52 years old, I was obviously excited with the mischief done, as shortly after the broadcast of the program, Berry also shared the moment on your account Instagram. Lena not far behind and also spread a video.

The actress recognized for her character Stormin the saga X-Men, and to whom she can currently be seen in the third installment of the movies John Wick, wrote: ‘When my friend Lena Waithe is the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, this happens’.

In addition, a few days ago Berry, who is also remembered for his performance as Gatubela in 2004, he called attention to a peculiar style in their hairstyle. The american actress was made a risky cut, leaving the ras-the-neck part of his hair.

In the bold look, Berry played with some lines that give great personality to such risky cut, something that not anyone could use it with the security that she had during the premiere John Wick 3, where he was captured premiering the style mentioned.

The new cut from Halle was made by a popular stylist named Ohre Kilpatrickwho I do not hesitate to share via his Instagram the result of their wits, many would remember the looks that several celebrities proved in the 90’s.