Halle Berry looks younger than ever at 50, look at the pictures!!!


halle berry john wick 3 premiere 2019
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Next to Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry is a member of the Club of eternal youth. Each one of your photos on Instagram remind us that age is just a number and a concept without meaning, because with 52 years old the actress looks just as beautiful as 20 years ago.

They say that there comes an age at which you can not leave the house without makeup, because you could kill all of a fright.

Or that you should admit that it will not be as strong as they were before.

How Mini skirts and necklines? This is only for young women. These clothes “because they don’t look good” in someone older.

If you’re approaching 60, it is inconceivable that you dare to show skin. It worse if you already have children! Imagine what to tell people.

Have you considered how you will see these tattoos when you’re older? Sure you’ll be happy.

Some may believe that after becoming a mother and have two children, a woman completely lost the sensuality.

To all those stereotypes and conceptions, Halle Berry said: “right Now, no, young man,” and best decided to be authentic and happy.

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