Halsey confesses what is the song “without censorship,” he wrote in his career [VIDEO]


Did you know that Halsey has a song on that was not saved anything? After celebrating the release of their latest album entitled Manicthe interpreter of ‘the Boy with luv’ not only made a series of revelations about his latest musical production, but also was grateful for all the unconditional support he had been receiving from their fans.


The singer of 25 years has revealed what was the motivation you had to drop to his followers this album, the cal qualifies as one of the most personal of all. “When I did ManicI dived into those parts of me that were still not healed and I said: ‘No, I’m not going to wait until later. I will write about them right now,'” said Halsey.


“It was the most rewarding thing I have done because you have been accepting unconditionally, so thank you for accepting me,” said the singers, before going on to talk about one of the most representative songs of all Manicwe refer to ‘929’.

“This is probably the song most without censorship that I have written in my life, so I’m happy playing for you this evening”, mentioned prior to the playback of the piece. You leave here to come to your own conclusions!… and tell us what you think!

Who is Halsey?
Halsey is a singer and composer. In 2014, she signed her first recording contract with Astralwerks, and released her debut EP, ‘Room 93’. A year after came his first studio album ‘Badlands’. In January 2020, released its third studio album entitled ‘Maniac’, which emit songs like ‘Withou me’, ‘Clementine’ and ‘Finally // Beautiful stranger’. His professional name is a reference to the station, Halsey Street, of the New York City Subway, in Brooklyn, as well as an anagram of her first name, Ashley.