Henry Cavill explains how to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time


  • Henry Cavill faced the greatest challenge: to lose fat and gain muscle to be perfect in the scenes without a t-shirt of ‘The Witcher’ (Netflix)
  • To do this the advice of Dave Rienzi, one of the best coaches in Hollywood, he prepared a combined system of exercises and diet throughout the filming of ‘The Witcher.

    Lose fat, gain muscle. The mantra of the gyms of the world but is it so easy? No, it is not. That’s why Henry Cavill had to ask for help, to Dave Rienzi, one of the best coaches in Hollywood, to burn fat and get much more muscular to ‘The Witcher’the hit fantasy series from Netflix.

    Henry Cavill he was already very strong, no more to see him in any scene of Superman, but for the role of Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’ I needed an extra definition, that is to say, lose some body fat and develop more muscle. Then come the problems with the shirts in the wardrobe…

    “Because I was training hard in the gym during all the process, it became complicated that any injury will heal,” said Henry Cavill, in an interview with Men’s Health. “At the end of the day, stress both the muscles when you’re super dehydrated and tired, which can happen, little things, like muscle pulls, which never go away.”

    The filming of ‘The Witcher’ it was hard and Henry Cavill he came to declare that I could even “smell the water” after three days without drinking so just to look better in the scenes without a shirt. Changing schedules, little rest, long hours of gym… a Whole challenge in order to continue wearing muscle.

    But Dave Rienzione of the best coaches in Hollywood and the usual gym Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, cast him a hand.”Their training had to be very concentrated and efficient, without overwhelming too your central nervous system”, assures the coach, who recommended to Cavill that in place of lifting heavy weights, is focus on weights moderate and various techniques to increase time under tension. What result? Higher profits.

    All this combined with a cardio on an empty stomach for six days a week to burn fat, increase your metabolism and create a diet that is rich in nutrients which your muscles can recover and grow”. So, then he would take four dishes throughout the day and two shakes, although in the period prior to any scene without his shirt on, reduced the carbs and fat to fit.

    This combination made Henry Cavill got lose fat and gain muscle in the ¡¡eight months of filming!! of the series, and always with the advice of Dave Rienzi. Don’t try it without a specialist to help you, because it is a hard process.

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