How Tom Holland as Hercules? The Disney fans what they want in the live action


Tom Holland managed to win the hearts of fans thanks to her performance as Spider-Man, and also by its apparent clumsiness to the time of keeping secrets.

We know that this actor be construed to Nathan Drake in the live action of Uncharted; however, their followers also want to see him in another major project.

Although Holland does not have a large musculature, seems to have some traits needed to give life to Hercules in his next film, or at least that some people believe.

Just a few days ago it was confirmed that Disney already working in a live action the animated version of Hercules, which premiered in the distant past of 1997.

We know that the production will be entrusted to the brothers Russo; however, the position of director remains vacant as well as that of the main actors.

Some rumors indicate that Alexander Skarsgard would be among the favorites to give life to the son of Zeus, but the fans have in mind multiple casts different.

Tom Holland as Hercules

The more popular they started to become viral some days ago, because it took into account Tom Holland for the role, although not in its adult version.

Tom Holland in the younger version and Dacre Montgomery as an adult.

If you remember, the animated film shows a teenage version of Herculesand this is precisely where the actor Spider-Man it would fit perfectly.

The user that suggested this option was Mechelle Peny, who also showed his own alignment to the other papers.

Zendaya as Megara.
Salma Hayek as Hera and Kurt Russel as Zeus.

Although it looks like a cast is acceptable, it is very unlikely that is taken into account, since these actors, including Tom Hollandnot even listed in the rumors.

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Hercules still does not have a casting official, but some versions indicate that Alexander Skarsgard and Jim Carrey were being considered to give life to Hercules and Hades, respectively.

It is likely that we will not have new news of this tape until the end of the emergency by the coronavirus, so that we will be patient.

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