I explode! The unfortunate accident of Mia Khalifa while training


The born in the Lebanon, Mia Khalifahe has returned to cause a stir on social networks after sharing a video that has left everyone stunned his followers.

With more than 18 million followers on his personal account of Instagram, the now commentator sports tends to warm up the nets each time you share pictures.

In fact, the last video I shared celebrity in the social network, has already exceeded the one million likes and has no more than 20 hours in the nets.

In the clip you see the former actresswith a very tight leggin that mark your great figure and what most attracts the gaze of those who observe the video, it is the small top of Mia that gives you the feeling that at any moment would burst.

Khalifa he accompanied the video with a message that ensures that you removed the springs from the machine on the training to be able to flex your legs better and faster.

However, few know that Khalifa it is quite an intellectual because he graduated from the university in the racing History and also the Arts.

Mia Khalifa has wanted to leave this past behind, but to their fans they have been made difficult due to the photographs risqué and suggestive that they often share.