“I like blondes”: Bella Thorne crushes on networks with a artistic kiss


The american actress Bella Thorne some time ago I have buried the girl image Disney by the who rose to fame when she was just a teenager. Converted into a multidisciplinary artist, without fear of controversy and always willing to face new creative challengesthe last work of the young man, who recently made the leap to directing with a short film porn, have not gone unnoticed.

And now the interpreter has decided to join a newcomer to the music industry, the singer is australian Ava Caceres, in a collaboration that is already burning the social networks. This time, Thorne has put at the service of this budding pop star of 19 years old her talent for interpretation, and is the co-star, together with the actual Caceres, the video clip for his debut single, ‘Be somebodys’.

“I like blondes”wrote the actress in accompaniment to the clip, congratulating Caceres by the end result of the video. Thorne, who has gone out with men and women and is defined as pansexual (in his day asserted that he felt attracted by the personality of someone, regardless of gender), has always been very public in speaking about their sexual orientation. In less than a day, the post already harvest more than a million reproductions, and fans of Thorne have been received with glowing reviews the participation of the young in the project.

On the other hand, in a chat with Billboard, Caceres spoke about the idea behind the theme and assured that the argument of the video clip is based on a “time emotionally difficult” of his life. Reflecting on the message they wanted to send with the song, the singer said the following: “I hope that ‘Be Somebodys’ is a window to the soul for anyone who is in need of acceptance and personal independence. My greatest desire, who is anyone, especially those suffering from broken heart, to be able to accede to this reflex and go forward”.