I Nicki Minaj gave new hints that you’re pregnant!


Last February, the fans of Nicki Minaj were excited by a video that would betray the pregnancy of the young rapper. Now, 3 months later, the interpreter of ‘Anaconda’ gave more clues that it will be mom.

It all started in October of 2019, when Nicki was married to Kenneth Petty, her boyfriend of adolescence, exconvictoy offender registered sex. Already in 2020, at the end of February, the couple shared a video where he caresses the belly, the singer suspiciously, which arose rumors that were expecting their first child in common.

Now, the rapper of 37 years gave more signs that could come to a baby on the way. In a questions and answers session with his followers on Twitter, Minaj revealed that you are experiencing symptoms such as cravings, nausea and “pee without stopping”, the typical pregnancy!

The rumors erupted after a fan asked Nicki if you’re cooking dishes special during the quarantine period.

“Absolutely. Steak. Shrimp. In addition to my famous cheeseburgers. Very good. I have had cravings for red meat and then cravings for salad with jalapeno additional. We ask for chicken nachos that didn’t come with jalapeños. Who does that? Wow,” said the rapper.

Another user wanted to inquire further, and, suspecting the state of Minaj, he asked: “Do you’re throwing up in the morning and you have to go a lot to the bathroom?”.

The response of the celeb has increased speculation: “No vomiting. But yes [tengo] nausea and urine without stopping. OMG, what do you think that means, guys?”.

Finally, perhaps to cause more intrigue, hinted that he soon would share pictures of your tummy.

“You can post a photo of your baby bump, the queen?”, wrote one fan, to which Minaj replied:

“Yes, in a couple of months. The world is not ready yet.”

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While some are already super excited waiting for the official announcement, others believe that Nicki Minaj is only toying with his followers. It should be remembered that since that video of February, the celeb has not posted a single recent photo where you see his belly.

And you, do you believe that the rapper will become a mother this year?