I smoothness! Halle Berry found a man living in his Los Angeles home


Hey, but people is lisa! Invaded one of the houses of the actress and american model and winner of the Oscar, Halle Barry. ¡Fatal!

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The authorities told the portal american TMZ that Ronald Eugene Griffin, of 59 years, presented for the first time in one of the properties of the actress in January and allegedly had problems with the locks, but managed to sneak away when the gardener of Halle approached him.

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Two months later, the police received a call from the workers Berry, who reported that there was a man with a locksmith trying to open the house and alleged that he was the new owner and that he had some scriptures to prove it.

Once that was faced by the workers, Grifin was audacious enough to call the cops claiming “their” property and point it to the employees of Halle as intruders.

According to the police report, Griffin said that he was the new owner of the house, but detectives of the LAPD quickly determined that he had changed fraudulently the title of ownership of the residence.

For its part, the actress who played the role of Storm in the X MEN told detectives they had no idea who he was, and it definitely did not gave you permission to be in your house.

Later, Griffin was arrested and beaten by committing a serious crime is to try and offer a warranty deed false and an additional charge of theft. His bail is set at $36 million.

In addition, the officers reported that it was well funny, but Griffin didn’t even know that the house was owned by Halle. Only “released” to the lucky.

Let us remember that this is not the first time Halle has had major problems with intruders in their homes

In 2011, he told police: “When I get home, I went to the kitchen and opened the glass door of the kitchen and when I closed, I suddenly felt that someone was behind me. When I turned around to see the intruder, there was standing less than a foot, looking through the glass door”. On that occasion the guy was also arrested.