Interview with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick for the film “Trolls”


Trolls is the new production animated from DreamWorks, made by the creators of Shrek and based on a few popular dolls danes, creatures very happy long and colorful manes. The singer and actor Justin Timberlake he was in charge of giving a voice to Ramon a Troll cranky that was to become an unexpected hero. The actress on the rise Anna Kendrick is the one who made up the voice of the princess Poppy, a creature that is pure optimism and sweetness.

With an atmosphere of fairy tale and many references to Pop culture, Trolls it also contains a powerful band sound, with classics from the seventies and eighties re-versioned and produced by the very Timberlake.

Both artists shared the secrets of the work behind the microphone to bring to the big screen this new franchise of animated comes to the halls of Argentina, simultaneously with the united States.