It’s all over! Camila Cabello confesses. And What About Shawn Mendes? Last time


February 05, 2020
(20:12 CET)

Camila Hair is living a few months too accelerated, and it seems that it has decided to stop, something that was confirmed this Monday when he commented in his account of Instagram because it had been 10 days without posting anything.

The cuban singer needed a break and so explained it: “Hello! Normally when I take a break from social networks is because I need to get away from them. I think that it is healthy to know when you need time for yourself, it precisely has been to listen to my intuition, to my body and to my mind the issue that more work has cost me to carry out this year!”.

It was not a definitive end, although that can be more in the future.

Where is Shawn Mendes?

The Grammys were the last time that we got to see Camila’s Hair until he commented on this Sunday the final of the Superbowl and he made it clear that he admires Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Demi Lovato for his appearance at the event.

However, in this downturn it seems that he has not been with his partner Shawn Mendes, who has been giving concerts, and in none of them has seen the cuban.

I was in awe last night watching these two vibrant, powerful, inspiring Latin women put on a show for the world last night!!!!! @shakira @jlo thank you for showing girls everywhere that you can be whoever you want to be in this life – and do it with grace, strength, joy, kindness,and a whole lot of badassness!!! @ddlovato you sang the anthem so gorgeously, with so much confidence and grace in your eyes, thank you for inspiring us all on this stage and the Grammys stage last week when you showed us all how much courage and beauty there is in being vulnerable and just being…. human. @jbalvin and @badbunnypr you were both incredible as always, and as always going hard to represent Latinos! ??? also since I watched this last night I am committed to working out an hour a day to be as ripped and strong as these ladies and also definitely taking pole classes this year because DAMN. so inspired, thank you ladies!

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A strange relationship

Rarely seen together, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes from the boom of Miss went on to a better life. And is that the rumors that the relationship is a montage every time they have more force, and the couple not too long ago by desmentirlo.

In fact, at the Grammy awards showed once more the strange relationship that they have: entered by separate and at times different and then at the private party were more united than ever. After that, Camila Cabello disappeared from the social networks.