James Charles is criticized for not giving networks as promised


Tired of so much drama in your life, James Charles took the wise decision to take a break from the social networks by your well. However, the youtuber has received thousands of reviews by not fulfilling his word.

In the video James Charles published few days ago in response to allegations of Tati Westbrookthe youtuber announced that he would be inactive on social networks with reason to focus on your well-being. Time after he made this statement, James published some photos in his account of Instagramincluding a next to Kylie Jenner since you attended the launch party of ‘Kylie Skin‘.

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Users Instagram lashed out against James Charles and this controversy came to such a point that we saw in the need of answer and defend through your account Twitter. The youtuber left a message where it specified that he would not be making new videos since I didn’t want to force your content but yes I would be aware of their social networks.

James Charles he continued, saying that he was working on himself and trying to strengthen their happiness, and he was going to continue doing the things that give joy to your life, as you experiment with makeup and have a social life.