James Charles reflects on his intense drama with Tati Westbrook

The famous beauty vlogger continues to live with the consequences of this scandal.

At the beginning of 2019, the community of YouTubethe lovers of cosmetics and some celebrities were divided after that Tati Westbrook released a shocking video of download against James Charles.

In his statement, Westbrook accused who was his pupil for a long time in inappropriate behavior, ensuring that he harassed to heterosexual men and was able to change them using their position of power. In addition, Tati’s pointed out to James for allegedly betraying and taking advantage of it.

The clip of Westbrook, full of tears and scandals, had the desired effect, and soon the influencer began to feel the ravages.

With millions of fans lost in all of its platforms, James was not able to avoid to be cancelled by those who once admired.

Today, six months after the drama, Charles ponders about it.

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