Jason Momoa and Amber Heard of Aquaman head #FreeTheNipple


Jason Momoa it recently appeared in the account of Instagram the actress Amber Heard. The coportagonista of Aquaman decided to make a photoshop one of your photos to support a point in which we are in total agreement.

It turns out that a few weeks ago, Amber Heard was a victim of censorship Instagram after posting a photo black-and-white taken by the editorial staff of the journal Interview. The latter due to the photo it showed the actress from the front with a sack, and showing part of your nipple right.

Instagram decided to drop the image as content is not appropriate for the platform and the Internet furious. This is because, supposedly, the only social network censorship, the genitals of men and women.

As you might well know, the nipples do not form part of this category and we know that they have been censored countless times in. This when is a woman that decides to upload a photo showing them. The men have not had a problem with this issue, and it is also this reason that he encouraged Amber Heard to upload the next photo of Jason Momoa:

jason momoa aquaman amber heard nipple photo instagram

In honor of the rigorous and egalitarian standards of the community of Instagram against to teach the feminine nipple. Since the mine enjoyed the brief privilege allowed to men… I Decided to pay tribute and replaced with a photo that meets the rules of naked on Instagram.