Jason Momoa revs up networks bringing out their “so Khal Drogo”


In the last time Jason Momoa has managed to boost his career in Hollywood in an impressive way. After their passage by the “Game Of Thrones”, he managed to conquer the fans of DC with his delivery of “Aquaman”. While waiting for its sequel, has tried their luck in the streaming, and even in the new release of “Dune”.

However, in a time in which many of the projects remain in detention, the star is taking on other challenges. These also include amazing practices in the launch of tomahawk. The hawaiian not only throws hatchets, but does so without looking at the target. Celebrated as criticized for the same, in a new online clip, we can see how impressive and deadly that can be when everything is combined.

But also it is great fun when it goes wrong. The video begins with Jason Momoa showing off their skills for the launch of axe blindly, while looking sideways to the target to make sure that nobody gets in your way. Then it turns and throws without looking. The first thing that launches is not given in the target, striking the tent in the background, but Momoa is retrieved in the following.

Momoa, “Dune” and a promising agenda

Recently they have revealed some striking images as a preview of the new adaptation of “Dune“. The sci-fi classic created by Frank Hebert is scheduled to arrive to the meeting rooms at the end of this year and, taking advantage of the incredible momentum that has been gaining the film, Jason Momoa, gave an interview to Ellen Degeneres.

It revealed information that will continue to generate hype in the fans of the genre, and the film in lines more broad. Referring to his character Duncan Idahothe actor said that it was a master swordsman who works as the right hand of the duke Leto, played by Oscar Isaac. However caught the attention of his followers, when compared to the iconic “Han Solo”. For more details about the film you remember this other note above.