Jennifer Lopez leads the hairstyle in trend: high ponytail


Jennifer Lopez you have the ability to put whatever you bring in trend: we have seen this with leggings white dresses with rhinestones, shades of dynamic colors, and now, I reiterate with a hairstyle that has led both to events like the red carpet, and that has become the obsession of the it-girls.

One of the last beauty trends we have seen with some frequency in their social networks, is to bring the horsetail higha hairstyle lean at will, depending on the site in which it is located. Recently has brought this hairstyle into your home and for your gym sessions, confirming that the side with more casual horsetail high, is one of the trends of the season.

Jennifer Lopez

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Horsetail high: the hairstyle on-trend this summer

Although it is a hairstyle that is particularly in effect this seasonwe know beforehand that Jennifer Lopez what has taken several decades ago in their music videos, movies, and even to go for a walk with their children. Ah! and let’s not forget the walks on the red carpet that already mentioned above: one of the best have been the Grammy Awards 2019, where we showed the most chic of this hairstyleproving that you do not need to fix too much to look good in a red carpet.

This 2019, the eternal love of bringing the long hair were tablecloths long, because one of the trends top of that time, was to replace courts as the bob rectum and the pixie by nordic styles where the tips come several inches below the chest. Proof of this is the mane that shone Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2019, where it impacted the audience with a ponytail XXL.

Jennifer Lopez shows us how the hairstyle in trend

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His long hair fell several inches by below his waist, and although definitely not all women are devotees of a course of this caliber, yes it is a fact that every time we will see more and more celebrities join the habit of let grow your hair.

How is a successful horsetail high that usually worn by Jennifer Lopez?

The good news is that this kind of collected are very easy to achieve, since it is not necessary to expect to spend months –or even years– to copy this style. To be a tail of a horse. you won’t lose inches long when in use, which will reduce the feeling that your hair feels too short. Just take it in the current cut style shag that leads to the actress, to have the ideal length for this look (yes, no matter what length your hair, in all it looks good with this hairstyle).

To carry out this style, just get yourself a stripe side and alisa your hair with the iron from the root up to five or ten centimeters up from the tips –depending on your long– later curl the part without smoothing with a pliers barrel-thick –preferably 1.5 inches wide– and make a pigtail at the height of the nape of the neck. Take a small section of hair to cover the league and hold it with a pin. Apply a bit of spray fixative at the end, and you’ll be ready.

Jennifer Lopez takes the perfect hairstyle for summer: the high ponytail

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So now you know, the hairstyle that is most ‘top’ the moment it is much easier to recreate than you think.

What you can lead a horse tail high?

The advantage of this hairstyle is one that is well, no matter if you’re in your pajamas, leggings, or if you’re wearing an evening gown. Jennifer Lopez it has been shown in all of its possible variables, showing that this hairstyle in trend, it is also perfect for any setting and occasion.

The advantage of having a horsetail high is that highlights your factionsin addition that keeps your hair at bay, allowing you to perform any activity, same as going from exercise to have a dinner with someone, regardless if it is via Zoom or in the comfort of your home.

The hairstyle that you want to put on trend Jennifer Lopez, is one of the most simple to make

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Do you dare to take the hairstyle trend for summer 2020?

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