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Healthy, muscular but not to excess, with the sport as a flag and with a diet which go beyond weight loss and look for the health, allowing for some whimsy. This is the model that is imposed as a pattern of a healthy body and desirable, beyond the excesses. And if anyone symbolizes today is Jennifer Lopez. The singer, actress and entrepreneur has become in the last few years in the paradigm of the body sought, although not always within the parameters of perfection.

In July, Jennifer Lopez will meet 51 years, although their physical appearance might make it seem smaller. But the question to appear less age goes beyond the thinness. Lopez like and generates interest because it aims for a more aesthetically healthy. The sport is key. It became clear in February, during the show’s intermission of the SuperBowl, in which he shared the stage with Shakira: physical exercise was not something punctual, but a constant. It has also been seen in video clips or fashion productions where Lopez teaches his body, toned and care, but far from an extreme thinness.

Beyond the possible benefits that could have had some retouching aesthetic, Lopez has made the effort your flag. In an interview in October 2018, on which was barely covered with a green layer of sequins, she herself said that he paid attention to his appearance: “I care a lot, and that note now.” In she, had, have energy, not feel tired, even if you have back pain, so recently it has introduced exercises with more weight in your training to prevent the loss of muscle mass. Whether it be lifting weights, dragging items or even by lifting your own body, everything revolves around the weight is key in the training of the artist.

These days of confinement at casa Lopez has not stopped her from exercising, as has been demonstrated in social networks by posting images with sports clothing. “If you’re not a challenge, I will not make change,” he wrote in mid-may, wearing a set of camouflage, sneakers, a hair bun high and sitting in between training machines, treadmills and weight benches.

In addition, Lopez often train alongside his partner, Alex Rodriguez, as both tend to share on their social networks. They have been able to see it in the gym together, doing weights, moving rope, or running to the pair. Also have practiced together boxing, always accompanied by an instructor who helps them.

The singer likes to train in the morning. Been told on occasion that for her there are no excuses, or holidays, or breaks more than necessary, which will mark their trainers. In most relaxing moments, also plays baseball, or volleyball as a family. Beyond a workout classic, the singer has sculpted your body, thanks to another key part in your work: the dance.

The food is also fundamental to the artist. At times it has been associated with trends such as the paleo diet or keto, but its only confirmation has been that, once in a while, no doubt and give yourself some whim, as when in 2007 he claimed that occasionally fell in the junk food and dropped by a restaurant of McDonalds. “Food is a gift in life. It is there for us to enjoy”, he confessed.

Now, however, their whims are far from the burgers prefabricated. He told his coach in an interview to People, Lopez always takes organic food and “very balanced, with many proteins and a large amount of nutrients”. In addition, the artist drink large amount of water a day. In fact, he starts the day by drinking water with lemon juice, as explained by herself at any time, and without a drop of coffee. “I have not taken caffeine for years,” says the publication Hollywood Life in 2016. Not smoke or drink alcohol, as it released its promised.

When they were born their children Max and Emme, in February 2009, and the fruit of her marriage with Marc Anthony, the artist chose to leave behind the meat and switch to veganism, if not fully, then in periods of 22 days to feel better.“You feel much better. (…) You wake up feeling great and full of energy”, said in a television interview.

In addition, in January 2019, both Lopez as his current fiance was told that it would be 10 days without taking sugars or carbohydrates, in a kind of internal cleansing. It is something, he explained, “are not made daily”, but that she was useful, and that the first two days was when he noticed the large sugar addiction. However, it does not mean that it is easy. Already said it a few years ago in a radio interview: “I miss the butter!”

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