Justin Bieber celebrates his birthday with a declaration of love to his girlfriend


Justin Bieber meets today 26 years and makes it one of the best moments of his career, just a few days ago premiere new album, ‘Changes’, with which he has achieved re-sit in the pinnacle of success. Personally the singer also cannot complain, because since he met his current wife, Hailey Baldwin, her life has taken a turn for complete and has achieved the stability that both needed during the last few years that has had to fight against his own demons.

Declaration of love for Hailey

Now, as the occasion of the celebration of his birthday the canadian artist wanted to share with all his followers, a declaration of love to his wife by way of thanks for all the support that has given him since they met. In the image you can see Justin and Hailey giving an emotional kiss, in addition to the birthday boy has written the following: “You’re my birthday gift partner”.

The publication in just a few hours, has harvested more than 4 million of ‘likes’ and over 10,000 comments among those who have highlighted a few as the actress Millie Bobby Brown, who wanted to congratulate the canadian on such a special day like today. We have also been able to see numerous congratulations over many of his followers.


Recently the singer apart from get new album, and also premiere on YouTube, ‘Seasons’, a documentary series of 10 chapters where it picks up the entire path of the artist as well as the toughest moments much of his professional career and his personal life.

In that documentary also explains that “as humans we go through so many ups and downs, bad times… sometimes, we want To give up” in reference to the last few years that he has lived where he has overcome a depression, and didn’t have a healthy life style. The job can be viewed in full on YouTube Premium and it is directed by Michael D. Ratner. It also has the own Bieber as the executive director of the project.