Karol G, to the conquest of the british market

Carolina Giraldo, who was reborn in the music market, as Karol G, has eyes set on new territories where the Latin rhythms are poised with strength, surpassing the language barrier.

After the success achieved with the song Tusain collaboration with Nicki Minaj, the colombian seeks to strengthen its presence in the market of English-speaking with a new collaborative project. This time, accompanying the Jonas Brothers at the launch of a new single, titled X.

The theme is interpreted with Karol G already could be heard during the credits of ‘Happinness Continues’ concert-documentary Amazon Prime on the return of the band to the stage, during the tour Happiness Begins Tour, after their separation in 2013.

For the colombian artist, X becomes its second bilingual production in less than a year, in collaboration with artists English-speaking.

At the end of 2019, Karol G he gave his first step in the anglo market with a move of the strategic: was the experience and reputation of Nicki Minaj. Rapper american accompanied the colombian in the interpretation of Cob, a topic about the evil of love which became a hit single that sounded insistently in radios and nightclubs, and that it reached the first place in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs.

With more than 800 million of views on Youtube, the song Tusa picked up the first places of the charts international thanks to the popularity that he won in the social network Tik Tok, where it serves as the basis for a series of challenges and choreography, thanks to a mix of reggaeton, trap and pop with which Karol G has marked his musical identity.

In parallel, the voice of Karol G also flirts with the Hollywood cinema, in which, he dabbled as part of the soundtrack of the animated version of ‘The Addams family’, in the who played My Family, accompanying Migos, Snoop Dog and Rock Mafia.

With the launch of X, the colombian aims to repeat the success of their first theme bilingual, while his name begins to be projected as the other of the female voices and latinas looking for their own space in the international market, working with a poor business results. His talent has been rewarded with his first Latin Grammy, Best new artist of 2019.

As well, the colombian 29-year-old follows the path traced by colleagues as a Shakira, Jennifer Lopez or Cristina Aguilera and also is the protagonist of a shift in the industry, which aims at a greater visibility and empowerment of female in the field of art.

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