Kaytranada + Lizzo + Allie X, and more


We start the week with the first single of the new album Kaytranada; Lizzo he premiered the video Feeling Good As Helland Allie X binds to Troys Sivan in the ballad Love Me Wrong. In addition, Tomasa Del Real brings us a bit of neoperreo with weed in 4:20; IDLES they bring in a subject in vivo, and Raveena he premiered his Tiny Desk Concert. Let’s start!

1. Kaytranada + Kali Uchis, 10%

It’s been almost sinco years since the last disk of Kaytranada, 99.9%, but the fans will not have much longer to wait for the follow-up album. The producer and DJ haitian-canadian debuted today the first single from his next project and he announced the title and the list of songs from their second full album, Bubba. The single most recent, 10%, presents voices of Kali Uchis about the production in layers of the producer, and the instrumental of inspiration groovy and DIY.

2. Lizzo, Good As Hell

The 2019 has been an excellent year for Lizzothanks to your disk Cuz I Love You: after almost a decade of being under the radar, the artist is the most nominated at the Grammys next year, and who is not going to feel good with so much success? Thus, today premieres a clip of his bop Good as Hell, where we see it as a member of a band of music at Southern University in Louisiana. Students are distracted from their studies in anticipation of the big game back home, but a dancer is discouraged due to a recent breakup. But with the help of her friends and the contagious positivity Lizzo, the dancer made a hair toss, checked his nails, and he ended up feeling good as hell.

3. Allie X + Troys Sivan, Love Me Wrong

Allie X and Troys Sivan they have been working together a long time ago: both co-wrote a significant portion of the two studio albums of Sivan, but now we hear together on a track: this is Love Me Wrong, where they sing about what it means to be different and that will tell you that they are accepted for what they are. In a statement released with the new song, Allie said that he wanted to convey what it felt like to be “misunderstood” by his family while growing up. “You know I want you, but not for the person that you are,” he said. “The relationship between a father and his son is so intense and layered, that it was liberating to put it in the simple phrase ‘love me bad’ and repeat it again and again in the chorus of this song”.

4. Raveena, Tiny Desk Concert

The singer and songwriter from Queens, NYC, Raveena, it was the invirtada most recent of the series of mini live shows Tiny Desk Concert public radio american NPR. With a stage full of fungus and flowers of home, the show felt like being at home surrounded by his melodious voice and the thick beat of R&B in alt: in the concert, performed their songs Honey, Bloom and Still Dreaming. Enjoy it up.


IDLES shared a new live version of your theme GREAT, tomadao of their new live album, A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan that went on sale the weekend. Speaking about the album, vocalist Joe Talbot he says: “Our show at Bataclan, it was the end of a very long journey for us. On that tour we learned a lot about ourselves, others and the public with which we have grown in the last 10 years. That program was nothing less than catharsis and nothing more than love. We love what we do and the people that has brought us to here.”

6. Tomasa Del Real + Tech GRL, 4:20

If you have a moment to relax and smoke a little weed, do it with the chilean Tomasa Del Real, the queen of the neoperreo, who this weekend brought the simple 4:20 along with his colleague Tech Grl to give us a taste of reggaeton digital on a rate of chilean producer Nass, G.

7. 03 Greedo + Maxo Kream, Beg Your Pardon

The rapper 03 Greedo is preparing for the success in anticipation of his release from a sentence of 20 years in prison; while he was behind bars for serious crimes of weapons and drugs, the rapper was graduated from high school, and has been releasing music constantly: today it brings the video that accompanies the song Beg Your Pardonhis most recent effort. Filmed before his conviction, the clip shows 03 Greedo and Maxo Kream converting a suburban house in the scenario of a boisterous party.

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