Kendall Jenner suffers panic attacks and provides assistance on Instagram


Kendall Jenner opened up his heart on Instagram to confess that, like many of us, she is also not the leads as well this quarantine. There are good days and other less easy to the american modelthat have caused that suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. For that reason, we joined the initiative of Kenneth Cole and The Mental Health Coalition to speak about what it means to have a mental health condition during the pandemic by COVID-19, and to understand that ‘we are not alone’ in this.

Kendall Jenner also suffers from anxiety and panic attacks for the quarantine.

© Karwai Tang

‘I’m a little intermittent. I want you to join me in this challenge, I want you to tell me how you really feel and know that you are not alone and that we will overcome this together’, he said Kendall Jenner in a short video that he recorded for Instagram. The celebrity of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also featured in the television program Good Morning America that from several years ago suffers from panic attacks and that, at that time, did not know what it was really about. Kendall Jenner he told him what was happening to her mother, Kris Jenner, when she couldn’t breath and ran to her for help.

Certainly, the panic attack is a mental disorder that has by the symptoms dizziness, fear, or terror to something like imminent death or losing control, a sensation of suffocation, despair and unreality, moreover, of an acute discomfort or pain in the chest. According to figures from the WHO (World Health Organization), the panic attack affects 30% of the population world and it is an ailment that is associated within the anxiety disorder chronic. When this happens, the alert system of the brain is active as I would do in a situation of danger or risk, which involves changes in the neurochemistry of the brain, in the muscles and the emotions.

Likewise, at the level of the body, the heart speeds up its pace, the hands perspire and the pupils dilate in a sign of high alert. Symptoms, above, Kendall Jenner has experienced to the point that her mother, Kris Jenner, to fly with her in every runway around the world, as they could not get on a plane easily. With that background, the american model you want to support other people who suffer from these high levels of anxiety with the empathy of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Jen Atkin, who nominated him to join this initiative in social networks such as Instagram.