Kylie Jenner teaches us the French manicure more respondent


Kylie Jenner is one of the entrepreneurs in the world of beauty more in a row in the social networks. Your Instagram turns into a showcase of new trends, not only of your brand, as well as all kinds of cosmetic products. The last of their manicures has caused sensation among his followers and has ended up being viral. Kylie mix the latest French manicure and the trend star of the season, the pastel colors in a single finish. This is the French manicure that the small clan Kardashian has become fashionable.

The French manicure more defendants is in the hands of Kylie Jenner

The world is in full confinement, no one escapes this pandemic has filled the homes of the rainbow. This item is a symbol of hope that is born to encourage children to continue to move forward. A way of viewing the end of a cycle, the other side of the rainbow everything will be fine.

Kylie has made this rainbow a beautiful French manicure. His hands convey hope and style. The trends for this 2020 in terms of colors are concerned, they are still betting by the pastel shades and the nail of a different color. If we want to follow Kylie Jenner, and we do not dare to paint a whole nail of the same color, we can do your same technique, paint only the top and make us a fun French manicure.

The French manicure is a symbol of elegance by itself. The combination of colors and the enamel clear gloss is the one that is responsible for giving to the hands that special grace. You can also choose in this application of the enamel of the rainbow so special to give color to the whole nailwould not be a French manicure, but also appears in Instagram as one of the big bets of the season. Get with various colored glazes and began experimenting at home with this type of manicure.