Lady Gaga boasts of a boyfriend and Ariana Grande declared | Big bang


Lady Gaga is laden. The singer lives a stage of personal and professional more exciting. Proof of this is the launch of his single Stupid Lovethat goes forward how it will sound Chromaticahis next studio album. But, what complements the success of Gaga? Without a doubt, the love, both the own and the alien.

Our protagonist enjoys the loving care of her boy Michael Polansky, and has been commissioned to brag about it on the social networks (although this is not the first time). During the night of 5 march, the New York shared a selfie with her boyfriend and next to the text “I have a love stupid”in reference to the title of his last hit.

As was expected, the social networks were revolutionized. This image came to all corners of the globe, until even reached Ariana Grande, who did not hesitate to declare eternal love to the couple. “I adore you so much”, noted in that publication.

Clear that these words served to increase the rumours of collaboration between the two in the disk of Gaga. Although there is still no confirmation to the view. In addition to Ariana, the successful band of K-Pop BlackPink also appears in the list of artists that could form part of the new musical repertoire of our protagonist.

What is clear is that Lady Gaga has become one of the leading figures mentioned in 2020, and this only just started. Since we launched the advances of his single, published it, and, therefore, it announced the arrival of his album Chromaticahis followers have been commissioned to convert the return of the artist in one of the most sharp. And so it has been.

They say that every effort has its reward, and it is for this reason that the reference point of the music has decided to give them the dates of their international tour. Although we have to recognise that their followers Spanish have not been very happy about it. Yes, we’ll have to wait to see if finally Gaga will add more cities to this list.