Mac Miller: is GUILTY Ariana Grande of your death?

The famous singer Mac Miller became a trend on Twitter on the morning of this 17th of may, after several netizens mourn and people to blame Ariana Grande for his death due to a drug overdose.

It seems that the deceased rapper, Mac Miller, it has remained in trend number one the morning of this Sunday, because users have been reminded of their death, regretting and blaming his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, for her death due to overdose.

Remember that for two years, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande were of american couples most famous and beloved of the public, until they split and a few months later she was engaged with Pete Davinson and a few more, Mac passed away due to a drug overdose in his home.

That is why recently in the social networks, their millions of fans since then have honored your memory, even Ariana Grande, but that has not been excluded from criticism and attacks, as netizens claim that the rapper died with the pain of having lost it and see it committed to another, culpándola by his death without mercy.

But that has not been around since there were some users that are focused on to emphasize that it was beautiful to see Miller in trend because what you miss, so much so that at night they listened to their music and one another saying that Ariana had not the guilt of his death.

The good news that the music of Mac Miller

Recently it was announced that “KIDS” from Mac Miller, her first mixtape, it is available on streaming services for the first time, is a collection, launched in August 2010, when the rapper from Point Breeze I was 18 years old, includes highlights such as “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”, “Nikes On My Feet” and “Knock Knock”.

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It is worth mentioning that “KIDS” was the first release of Mac Miller with Rostrum Records, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, whose founder Benjy Grinberg met Miller while working with his fellow graduate of Allderdice, Wiz Khalifa. Miller came to the top of the charts the following year with the debut album “Blue Slide Park”.

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