Mia Khalifa gets wet in a photoshoot


Mia Khalifa continues to be the sensation in social networks, recently the commentator of sports shared a photograph in which it appears curiously very wetin a session of photos.

The young still has the record as the second woman’s most searched on google, making reference to your former job, as an actress of films for adults.

Today is dedicated to be a commentator of sports, which I always liked, and also is an entrepreneur that taking advantage of even his fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.

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The 18 million followers with that account Mia Khalifa a large percentage of them look daily for their publications to know if you have shared something new for your own delight.

In the photo you shared you can see an Mia Khalifa who leads a pretty look flirty and playful, despite the fact that wear clothing your curves are marked pretty calling even more attention to those who have seen its instant.

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Currently Mia live happily committed to her boyfriend the chef Robert Sandberg and their pets which in a number of videos have had the pleasure of appearing and being tenderly coddled by his owner.

In the publication Khalifa annex a web page in which she shares content of the “behind the scenes” of each of their photo sessions every fifteen days.

“NTWK is the new place for ALL my content behind the scenes. Never you’ll get more images behind the scenes of me or videos of my daily life in any other place,” part of the description of the page.

Then you can already see more than a few simple photographs in their accounts of Instagram and Twitter you have the option to appreciate more of her figure constantly as she does to see in the content of the private page.

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