Millie Bobby Brown’s anticipated third season of Stranger Things


With only 15 years, Millie Bobby Brown it is internationally recognized for his role as the Eleven and the fans around the world adore her for her talent and charisma. In addition to the role that made her famous, the actress also hit the jump to the big screen, and recently starred in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which already has a following confirmed.

His career continues to climb and will rain down the offers, but in addition the action also has time to model, a budding career in music and is the youngest person to become a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Her work brings her to travel the world and recently was in Japan for the promotional tour of the series of Netflix, where it advanced some details about the new season.

Millie Bobbie Brown along with his fellow cast of Stranger Things 3-in the avant premiere of California

Last Friday was the avant premiere of Stranger Things 3, which premieres this Thursday 4/July (when United States celebrates the Independence daythe platform of streaming. The young actress said that the story set in the summer of ‘85, when they came out in many films, great. He also stressed that it will be a season with many more colors than the above, which are characterized by their dark color.

When asked what he has in common with its iconic character, says she feels identified with the transition that is going from being a girl to a young adult.

It is a very confusing adolescence.

In the new season, Eleven experience the friendship of women with Max, played by Sadie Sink

However, Brown seems to have pretty clear ideas for a girl of her age dealing with such a level of exposure. In the interview he also talked about the use of social networksthat looks like a good tool to convey positive messages, but know that its misuse can bring other results.

Her mother and her stylist accompany her to all sides, while she parades down red carpets around the world, along with his peers of the cast. We must not lose sight of that is still very young for an industry that is especially cruel to the child actors, by the more flood that appear when you look in the new season Stranger Things.

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