Movie Tenet will wait to open the 80 percent of theaters in the world


Many eyes are set on the last film production of Christopher Nolan, tape that seems to want to get to the big screen on July 17 and you could say that basically defines the film industry of the remainder of the year.

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As we well know the restrictions on the cinemas could result in this feature film that promises to be epic, will be a resounding failure at the box office, due to what has caused the virus that affects currently the whole world.

Thus, the famous production house Warner Bros. has been established that at the global level should already be open to at least 80% of the cinemas in order to launch the long-awaited premiere of Tenet in the date that has already been established above.

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According to some media Warner still maintains its hopes to reopen movie theatres in big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, to be able to cast that premiere in the middle of summer.

Since these three u.s. cities are key to the raising of funds, because only these three, it provides 25% of the total to local level, in the first weekend after the launch.

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On the other hand, speaking about world, there are only a few companies in the industry of motion picture entertainment that is already starting with their normal duties or are already in plans to achieve its reopening soon, however, the health authorities require and/or require to operate with a much smaller amount of people per room.

So the production company of this film “Tenet” requires at least a total of 80% of movie theaters around the world are open to be able to project the science-fiction movie.
Another interesting fact is that it premiered on different dates, depending on the region, so that Warner has decided that is not a viable option for them, then there is also the fear that they viralice information (spoilers) which if it is quite understandable. It should be recalled that, to date, has not yet been provided a synopsis concrete around the film.

So not fulfilled the conditions laid down, according to the reports, the calendar of Warner would be altered in the following manner: the premiere of Tenet, would be postponed to the 19th of August and Wonder Woman, 1984, to December 2020.