Muguruza remember with young players in his Grand Slam with Serena Williams

Madrid, 15 May (EFE).- The tennis player Spanish Garbiñe Muguruza, the winner of two Grand Slam, participated in a video conference with players between the ages of 16 and 19 years of the ITF and the WTA in which he shared his experiences in his professional career in tennis as Grand Slam titles and a few areas of his personal life, responding to the open-ended questions that were asked of the players.

Garbiñe took the opportunity to remember together the players from eleven countries in Europe and Latin America, the title won against Serena Williams (7-5, 6-4) in Roland Garros in 2016, which he considered as “the memory more special”, as it is a tournament that “I dreamed of winning” and the fact of having done so before the american tennis player, who for Muguruza is “the more difficult rival to beat”, it was “very special”.

“When I was little I played a lot on earth and he always said “Roland Garros is the most important tournament on earth, has won a lot of people” and when that became a reality and especially to do it against Serena Williams in the final, which is the more difficult rival to beat, it was a special memory.”

Asked by the player Guillermina Grant of Uruguay on the tournament that marked in a positive way, Garbiñe argued that his first tournament of WTA achieved in Australia was a time in which he said “wow, I won my first title of WTA!”, what made him think that in the future could “earn perhaps a WTA larger or perhaps a Grand Slam.”

The young tennis players took to Garbiñe to a trip back in time in the interested in the difficulties in the transition to professionalism, to which the Spanish-venezuelan responded that “the most difficult thing was spending so much time alone, while your friends are doing things and you have to spend the 100 x 100 tennis”.

“I had a back injury that left me 6 months out and was superdurísimo because I could not do anything, to be home and see the girls play, I asked myself “what am I doing here?, Why do I have to go through this?”

In addition, he stressed that when you go from being “junior professional, you feel more pressure because you have to quickly prove that you can live from tennis,” he however called for patience as it makes sure that the success in tennis does not distinguish ages and “for each one she gets her moment.”

Muguruza, who is going to the confinement by the coronavirus in Switzerland and has taken the opportunity to share in their social networks, their activities to pass the quarantine, was asked by the way to keep the motivation without being able to leave the house, something that the player confessed it “difficult” and stick with the training for when the time comes “be prepared.”

“This is a test, as a test to see who really has the desire and the ambition, that when the competition is going to know who has trained and who is not. I take it as a test mentally for that when the time comes I make sure to be fresh and in form,” he said.

Garbiñe made an analogy between the quarantine and the training on the tennis, saying that “one trains his whole life without knowing when you will reach that moment in which you will play well”, so advised to stay distracted and not think about the difficulties of confinement.

The world is living in a ‘bad streak’ because of the coronavirus, and the athletes have had to see how the competitions have had to be postponed without a clear date for a restart. Muguruza, meanwhile, was emphasized that, as in tennis, “there is that keep trying that it will not pull more down,” that’s why being entertained with dances of urban music, walks in the snow and cooking recipes venezuelan.

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