Noah Cyrus: the drama of growing up to be the little sister of Miley


Noah Cyrus, The End of Everything‘. It’s called the new song of the little sister of Miley Cyrus with the response, through his letter, to a question that there will be around the heads of many people these years: how was it to believe in the shadow of the controversial star, especially when he wanted his steps passed by the way of the music?

Because complicated. She herself has reflected on this, being very honest about how difficult it was to have to be hollow to be in the shadow of someone with so much media coverage at the international level as his sister (and not always with headlines in a positive or pleasant).

In this ‘single’ sing: “My sister is like the sun, bringing light wherever you go, and I was born to bring rain clouds, blessed in their shadow“. A statement of intentions of all who suffered under the label of ‘sister’, and about what has been reflecting, coming to break down in tears, in a direct on Instagram offered this weekend.

“I think that it is clear in the message of the second stanza. Born in the family in which I was, all I did spend a hard time by the difficulties that come with being the little sister of Miley. I always felt that he was the one person that no one cared, because of what people said to me,” she says with a tear, ensuring that it was “absolutely unbearable” have to grow up with that burden.

Sometimes I feel that not even breath well”

That would always be in the background,”it was something that I heard all my life, all the days, all my life. I would never be good enough for various reasons, either by my physique or my way of being. As I said a few days ago, sometimes I feel that not even breath well”, continues to put on the table their feelings and complexes that you have created your position.

“Basically, this is the song, and I just wanted to express once and for allbecause that has been a big part of my life, and you will probably not speak any more about it. I just wanted to turn it off,” says Noah, who adds: “everyone tells me that I give power to the people to bring it to light, but I can’t control it.”

And he concluded, addressing himself to those ‘followers’ that were hooked to the live: “You are young, you know the Internet. It has been very hard for mí, so that has been quite complicated to convey through this song.”