Pretty Woman and the history of the red dress that you used Julia Roberts


When we talk about outfits the incredible movies, the dress in red color Julia Roberts took in Pretty Woman (1990) is a reference absolute. The scene is etched in the memory of those who became fans of this chick flickTo : Vivian, the character of Roberts, confirms their evolution, by appearing in the lobby of the hotel where you are staying with Edward (Richard Gere) to dazzle you with a look night, perfect for a romantic date in a function of opera.

As is often the case with the movies they have large dressing rooms, this dress has an interesting history behind that hard to believe considering the impact style has had over the years, and is the director of Pretty Woman, Garry Marshall, I didn’t want this garment out redhe wanted to be presented in color black.

How did the red dress from Pretty Woman?

Julia Roberts in the movie, ‘Pretty Woman’

Marilyn Vance, the costume designer of the film, explained in an interview in which he reviewed the outfit’s iconic “Pretty Woman”, the story of the famed dress: ‘I knew it had to be red, so I fought for it. Gary also wanted it to be a dress, but I knew that that was too much, no one would approach her as well. So what emparejé. We review four designs to do it well, and just we needed was fabric for the final,’ said the costumer.

Similarly, Vance explained that that elegant neckline bardot that he uncovered the shoulders of Julia Roberts what you selected to highlight your figure and take advantage of the fact that the actress does not have wide shoulders. The rest of the details like the jewelry and the hairstyle were selected meticulously so that the look in set off so legendary as we all know now. It is worth mentioning that the dressall looks that Julia Roberts wore it in the film, as well as the suits of Richard Gere were made from scratch and completely to the measurement of the two protagonists.

The impact of the red dress from Pretty Woman

Scarlett Johansson gave us a moment, ‘Pretty Woman’ at the Golden Globes 2020.

© Daniele Venturelli

The red dress from Pretty Woman has an undeniable touch of timeless. On the red carpet by contemporary actresses such as Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lawrence are just some of the celebrities who have shown us looks reviving the essence of sexy and elegant dress original. But the ultimate test of the influence of this dress is between fans of the film who surf the Internet in search of replica take them to special events and feel like Vivian Ward in a night of dreams.

In fact, in 2018, the firm of sustainable fashion Reformation, released a model inspired by the dress from Pretty Woman for weddings collection. Unfortunately, it is not available and, since then, sold out very quickly.

What is certain is that a dress so famous as this could not have been of another color. If it had been black, maybe its the impact would not have been so great. 30 years of the premiere of Pretty Woman, this look remains the most remembered and iconic of the entire tape, so long life to the red dresses and above all that of Vivian Ward.