Rihanna boasts her curves in lingerie in a photo of Instagram


The famous singer Rihanna one of the most loved by the public, has shown that it is very good business and that she herself can promote your brand, just launched a new set is what gets and displays it on its Instagram official.

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This constant activity has made that his fans will delight with its figure, as it has some curves that are all considered to be dangerous, as it steals the heart.

This is what we see in your comments box because there he declared his love and how much they love to watch her this way, taking their publications to have more than 5 million likes, a record number.

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In his last two publications, Rihanna is featured wearing a cute lingerie set color lavender something very similar to the purple but in pastel color with the that ended by showing that it is a little bit more “llenita” of what many imagined.

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Rihanna is now considered to be one of the women curvy more attractive of the Industry and what has been achieved at the same time, which has positioned its brand as one of the most purchased and beloved in social networks.

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This is not the first time that Rihanna promotes your brand name Fenty for what he said he would not stop doing this type of promotions and we will be here to share them with you, and appreciate their great beauty.

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In truth it is beautiful so much that even the women come to their publications to admire its naturalness as it is not like most of the stars of Instagram what is it dan pitched in with the scalpel, as she prefers to be retained and to do exercise to stay in shape.

While men want to be able to see it this way at some point, women want to be able to buy all their products because they are very cute and well received in the market.