Robert Downey Jr confessed to what character you would have played in place of Ironman


In an interview for BBC Radio 1, in a section called ‘Children do ask difficult questions, some children began to question the actor Robert Downey Jr. on different topics. In the interview, a girl named Kaitlyn, 7 years old, began with the round of questions.

‘What was your best birthday party? asked the child, what the interpreter of Ironman will repondió, ‘Was four years ago, when I turned 50, rented a hangar in Santa Monica, and Duran Duran teloneó to Steely Dan, and I’m never going to forget’.

Various questions provoked laughter and tenderness on the part of the actor, however one of them is called strongly attention. William, 10 years old, asked what superhero you would be, if I had to face up to Ironman, to what the actor stated that ‘in retrospect (especially because I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Renner, and he did so great, especially when it becomes a Ronin) I would say that Hawkeye would be my choice’.

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