Robert Downey Jr. reveals which Avenger he would have liked to interpret | People | Entertainment


Actor Robert Downey Jr, known for his role in interpreting the genius Tony Stark in the Marvel movies is recognized all over the world and now become a star and pop culture icon. His first performance in the world of superheroes was in 2008 with the premiere of Iron Man, and apart from the beginning of the Movie Universe of Marvel (UCM).

The actor has acknowledged that many of the scenes moving scenes in Marvel were difficult to interpret because the said that the have a lot of appreciation to the character and does not rule out in any occasion to resume the role of Iron Man in future installments of Marvel. During an interview for BBC Radio 1 in the segment “The children ask” confessed that had it not been chosen as Tony Stark, he would have loved to interpret the archer, Clint Barton, known as “Hawkeye”.

Downey admitted he is a big fan of Jeremy Renner ( Clint Barton) and liked it much more when the character of Hawkeye became Ronin for the last movie of avengers “Endgame”. Many fans have been surprised by the response even more than Disney+ is in production of a series based on the history of Barton.

Robert Downey Jr continues to be dedicated to his artistic career with the latest movie “Dr Dolittle” and for special programs of Youtube Original on artificial intelligence, in addition to a third installment of the film “Sherlock Holmes” and supposedly a special appearance in the new film of Black Widow in may 2020. (E)