Robert Downey Jr. will Iron Man… how to DC Comics?


Now that the movies superheroes are hogging much of the film industry, both in the number of premieres that are taking, up to the amounts in the MILLIONS that they raise in a single weekend, the projects become increasingly ambitious. It is enough to see the premieres most anticipated film of 2020, where we have films like ‘Birds of prey’ or premieres such as ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and ‘Black Widow’ in this film genre. As well, there is the rumor (that of being true, would be a move SUPER strong) that Warner Brothers has approached to Robert Downey Jr., to be part of the movie universe of DC Comics!

Well, first things first: there is another rumor that Marvel want Iron Man return, but they say that the amount of money that Robert Downey Jr. you are asking for is unrealistic. So unreal, that indeed the utility is leaving to spend (imagine the amount of zeros in that number which asks the actor). Before the possible final output of Robert Downey Jr. the Movie Universe Marvelthe rumor that arises from this is that DC Comics has approached him to make a new proposal. This kind of movements have already been seen: we must not forget that Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern with DC Comics, and then converted into Deadpool with Marvel. Or when Disney said goodbye to James Gunn (the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) and Warner Brothers offered him the opportunity to lead ‘Suicide Squad 2’. It is for this kind of background that would not be uncommon to see Robert Downey go from Iron Man to DC Comics.