Salma Hayek and an order desperate to their fans


Salma Hayek it was one of the first actresses who said “yes” to the confinement of social as a first measure to prevent the spread the coronavirus. Even so, keeps in communication with their contacts and followers through their Instagram staff. Now , even more than ever. By this should not be surprising that, in search of something to help, she resorted to the social network of the little camera.

Addressing his more than 14.6 million followers and the mexican star made a desperate request to his community to preserve life above all. “I need an advice. There are a couple of ducks that hang out in my garden. Today put an egg, and then left. How can I save the future baby?”wondered the actress. “Do I take the egg inside and keep it warm or wait for them to come back. Have been gone half an hour ago“.

The attitude of Salma Hayek caught the attention of their fans. In the comments section, many of his followers suggested that they let nature take its course and not take part of the issue. On the other hand, advised that you keep the egg safe until the birds return. The more extremists, we proposed that carry the egg to the kitchen.

Salma Hayek and other problems with the animal kingdom

While She promoted her new movie “Like A Boss“ he recalled a particular anecdote from the shooting of Frida. At that time, portraying the life of the famous artist, Hayek had to share the screen with a primate. However, in spite of an iconic image that recorded them happy, he recalled that he had been attacked by the animal.

That monkey, who was called Tyson, he attacked me during the filming of Frida, and I wounded him severely”said the actress. “But I was brave enough to let him come back and work again in the film and then still did a photo shoot with him for Vogue”joked Salma. For his brave performance, Hayek was nominated for an Oscar in 2003.